Alıştırma 26-18, If Clauses - Mixed Time

'' If Clauses / Koşul - Şart Cümleleri '' genel başlığı altındaki bir diğer konu olan '' Mixed Time If Clauses '' konusuyla ilgili bir alıştırmamız var arkadaşlar.  '' Karışık Zamanlı Koşul Cümleleri '' diye çevirisini yapabileceğimiz konuyla ilgili sorular aşağıdadır. Örnekte belirtildiği gibi sizin de cümleleri karışık zamanlı olarak '' Type 1-2-3 '' formatlarında tekrardan yazmanız gerekiyor. Kolay gelsin...

Örnekte olduğu gibi cümleleri '' If '' kullanarak '' Karışık Zamanlı Koşul Cümleleri '' formunda yazınız. ( Write the sentences using '' If '' in the form of  '' Mixed Time If Clauses '' as in the example.)

I spent all my money, and I am broke now.
If I hadn't spent all my money, I wouldn't be broke now. ( Type 3 + Type 2 )
I have to attend tomorrow's meeting, because I didn't attend the one last week.
He is very popular with his colleagues, so he wasn't invited to the party.
They didn't treat the waste properly, and now the North Sea is heavily polluted.
You didn't think about your decision carefully, now you are regretting it.
He makes so many silly mistakes, so he wasn't given the promotion.
We can't have steak for dinner because we didn't take the meat out of the freezer.
My father has worked hard, so he is able to afford a pleasant retirement.
He doesn't know how to wear. He wore a yellow shirt and a purple tie.
The buyer for our house changed his mind, so we are still living here.
She is successful now because she didn't let anyone discourage her.

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