Alıştırma 14-2, Simple Present Tense / Geniş Zaman

Arkadaşlar, Simple Present Tense ile alakalı bir okuma parçamız var. 
Sonra da bu konuyla ilgili soruları cevaplamanızı istiyorum. İşinize yarayacağını umuyorum. Kolay gelsin…

Aşağıdaki paragrafı okuyunuz ve soruları cevaplayınız. ( Read the paragraph and answer the questions. ) 

Michael’s routine 
In the morning I get up at half past seven when I have classes. On Saturdays and Sundays I don’t have classes, so I wake up at half past eight. I always have a shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair and get dressed. I usually have breakfast at eight at home. I usually go to school by school bus. I never walk to school. When it rains, my father drives me.At half past eight I sometimes have Maths and at ten o’clock I have a break. I have a sandwich and a cake. I always talk with my classmates. In the afternoon I often go back home on foot and have lunch with my parents. I sometimes have lunch at the school canteen except on Fridays and, of course, at the weekends. I don’t like canteen food.After lunch I do my homework and I study my school subjects for an hour. Then, I play with my friends or I play computer games until seven o’clock. I go to the gym twice a week. Before dinner I watch TV.  I always have dinner at half past eight in the evening. After dinner I help my mother. I brush my teeth again. At night I put on pyjamas and go to bed.
What time does Michael get up?
What days does he have classes at the weekdays?
What time does Michael get up at the weekends?
Does he brush his teeth before school?
How does he go to school?
When does his father drive him to school?
What does he do after lunch?
How long does he study?
How often does he go to the gym?
What time does he have dinner?

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